We assist in sourcing from all over the globe.  With existing suppliers from China, Hong Kong, Turkey, Germany, Mexico, the USA, and the UK we will be able to find the type of products or brands you are looking for.

Import & Export


Established relationships with trustworthy and dependable logistic companies allow us to take the hassle out of the normal admin involved.  Giving you time to get on with your business!

Marketing & Sales


Strategic Sales & Marketing plans,  Marketing budgets, Training of sales teams,  Design of branding,  Social Meda strategy, and implementation.  Use our professionals to kick start your business plans! 

Helping you find your WHY


At FRATELLO we are committed to helping our clients find the reasons why they went into business and then to make the most of each and every opportunity.  We believe you need passion to succeed and sometimes you need help to find that passion.  Enjoying what you do allows you the space to grow and reach your full potential.   


What we do


Our specialties lie in the Import-Export environment.  Not only finding the products you need but more importantly, the right type of supplier!  The next step is your marketing and sales strategy.  We offer can offer a consultancy to help with tailoring your offer or a full service that includes, design, branding, sales & product training, full strategic plans, and the development and management of social media platforms.  We offer a partnership.  Assisting you int the areas where you need the help.  Each offering is individually tailored to suit your needs.  We've made many mistakes over the years and you can now benefit from all those learnings!  


Our services